Fifteen Lesson Driving Package


Our Fifteen Lesson Driving Package includes:

  • Fourteen 45-minute driving lessons + One scheduled road test.
  • Instructor will take you to the road test.
  • 5-Hour Course Included.
  • Includes free pick-up/drop-off.
  • For important notes and details on what each package includes, see the Instructional Driving Lesson Package page.

Your answers to these questions will determine when and if we can schedule lessons with you. If you need clarification, please call our office BEFORE purchasing:

  1. Do you have a permit?
  2. Are you under 18 years of age?
  3. When did you get your permit?
  4. What is your zip code?
  5. What is your availability?

*Please do NOT schedule a road test with the DMV. If you have already booked one, you will need to cancel it, as we will set that up with you when we schedule your lessons.

# of Seats: